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Store: content

Interact with the current form content as well as all unsaved changes.

We use Vuex to ensure a consistent state of data throughout the Panel. If you have not worked with Vuex before, you should first familiarize yourself with their documentation.


Key Description
current ID of the current model (with translation suffix)
models Array of already loaded models
status Object with enabled (bool), lock and unlock (objects or null)
// example of store state
  current: "pages/notes+a-great-post/en",
  models: {
    "pages/notes+a-great-post/en": {
      api: "…",
      originals: {
        categories: "long read, weekend, travel"
      changes: {
        categories: "long read, weekend, at home"
    "users/hjk343n": {
      api: "…",
      originals: {
        name: "Homer Simpson"
      changes: {}
  status: {
    enabled: false,
    lock: null,
    unlock: null


Key Parameters Description
exists id Checks if a model exists in the store
hasChanges id (optional) Checks if a model has unsaved changes
id id Returns ID (current or provided) with correct language suffix
isCurrent id Checks if specified ID is the current model
model id (optional) Returns the full model object
originals id (optional) Returns all original values (as in content file) for a model
changes id (optional) Returns all unsaved changes for a model
values id (optional) Returns all values for a model (originals updated with unsaved changes)


this.$store.dispatch("content/update", ["myField", "newValue"])
Key Parameters Description
create model Create a store entry for a model
current id Set the current model
disable Disable content forms
enable Enable content forms
init Initializes store with data from localStorage
lock lock Set data for content lock
move [oldId, newId] Move a store entry for a model
remove id Remove a model from store
revert id (optional) Discard unsaved changes for a model
save id (optional) Update content file for a model
unlock unlock Set data for onlocked content lock
update [field, value, id] (id optional) Update a field value for a model