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Overrides the defaults for requests to remote servers

This option defines global default values for all requests that are made with the Kirby\Toolkit\Remote class.


return [
    'remote' => [
        'agent'   => 'My Awesome Site',
        'timeout' => 20

Configuring the list of allowed certificate authorities (CAs) for HTTPS requests

Kirby ships with a CA bundle based on the Mozilla CA list. We keep that CA bundle up-to-date with new Kirby releases.

The CA bundle is used whenever a request to an HTTPS destination is made.

If you want to use a different CA bundle or disable verification completely (not recommended!), you can set the option:


return [
    'remote' => [
        'ca' => ...

Options are:

  • An absolute path to a CA file in .pem format
  • An absolute path to a CA directory with certificate files that cURL can understand
  • The special value Remote::CA_INTERNAL for Kirby's internal CA (default)
  • The special value Remote::CA_SYSTEM to use the CA bundle that is configured in php.ini
  • false to disable TLS verification completely (not recommended!)