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The Pages preset is intended for container pages like a blog with subpages in different states of their publishing cycle

A basic blueprint using a pages preset looks like this:

Title: Pages preset example
preset: pages

By default, this adds two sections of type pages to your form: A drafts section (default headline "Drafts") and a section of listed pages (default headline "Published").

This preset is again extendable. For example, if you want to add a section for pages in review while at the same time using predefined sections with additional options, you can do it like this using the keywords drafts, unlisted, and listed:

title: Blog
preset: pages
icon: 📜
  url: false
  status: false
  delete: false
  extends: sections/articles
  headline: Unpublished articles
  extends: sections/articles
  headline: Articles in review
  extends: sections/articles
  headline: Published articles